VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1 Full

VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1 Full

VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1

VMware presented a new version of proprietary software solutions for VMware Fusion 8 virtualization and VMware Fusion 8 Pro. Updated applications offer a number of new features and support for the newest Microsoft and Apple operating systems. Virtualization on the Mac has come a long way from providing basic functionality in Windows XP to provide the same performance in a virtual environment, as well as in Boot Camp. With the release of Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan users need all the capabilities of the new platform, where they not only decorate the system as needed for the job. Bridge between the Windows and OS X, serving the whims of Mac users in the field of virtualization, VMware Fusion 8. advocates Presenting its new platform, the VMware focused attention on several features of Fusion 8:

  • Graphics acceleration with support for DirectX 10, OpenGL 3.3, USB 3.0 and multiple monitors with different resolutions.
  • 64-bit support up to 16 virtual processors, 64 GB of RAM and 8-terabyte hard drive for a virtual machine.
  • Optimizing graphics for the 5K display.
  • Through support for USB-C and Force Touch for the latest MacBook models.
  • The ability to connect to the VMware vCloud Air.
  • IPv6 support for the type of connection the bridge and IPv6-to-IPv4 (NAT).
  • Improved integration with VMware vSphere.
  • Support for several new Linux distributions and other operating systems.

What’s New

8.0.0 the Version: of Full support of the Windows 10

  • Run Windows 10 as a virtual machine
  • Windows 10 Auto Detect and Easy Install
  • Unity support for Windows 10
  • Migrate Windows 10 PC to a virtual machine
  • Import Windows 10 Boot Camp virtual machine

Support OS X El Capitan

  • Run OS X El Capitan as a virtual machine
  • Run OS X El Capitan as a host operating system

New Guest Operating Systems Support

  • of Ubuntu 15.04
  • Fedora 22
  • CentOS 7.1
  • RHEL 7.1
  • Oracle Linux 7.1
  • VMware Project Photon

Advanced graphics

  • DirectX 10
  • OpenGL 3.3


=VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1 Full VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1 Full VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1 Full

Version: the VMware the Fusion the PRO 8.1.1 (3771013)
Developer: the VMware, Inc.
System Requirements: Apple’s the Mac with an Intel processor
Language: English, French, German and others.
Tablet: Included
Size: 360.49 MB Download now

VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1 (Mac OS X) | 360.49 MB



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Hi, could you show me the link to download VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.1? I can’t see it…