QuartzCode 1.39.3 Mac OS X

QuartzCode bridges the gap between developers, designers and animators. Choose and combine from 6 unique layers and more than 25 animatable properties to create stunning animations. Now you can create animation for iOS / OS X without any coding!

Main Features
• Turn drawing and animation to objective c or swift code in real time.
• Use raster images or create vector drawing using tools provided.
• Create multiple animation states in a single project.
• Use shared color to reuse same color across different layers and timelines.
• SVG import supported
• Mask and animating mask supported.
• Supports more than 25 animatable properties, combine to create stunning animations!
• Use linear timing functions, ease in, ease out or create custom timing functions using graph provided.
• The best and quickest way to learn and master core animation.

Animatable Properties
• position, z position, transform (rotate, scale and translate)
• fill color, gradient, opacity, hidden, shadow, mask, path
• stroke color, stroke start, stroke end, line width, line dash phase
• font size, foreground color,
• instance delay, instance count, instance transform, instance color, instance color offset

Generated Codes
• Generate iOS/OSX Objective C and Swift code in real time.
• Code generation options :
– Relative frame
– Completion block
– Reverse animation
– End time
– Animation duration
• Readable and easy to modify generated code.
• Drawing code is generated by using CALayer and its subclass.
• Support Core animation and UIView block based animation code.

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later

QuartzCode 1.39.3 Mac OS X

QuartzCode 1.39.3 Mac OS X| 670 MB

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