PeakHour 3.1.3 – Visualize and analyze your network traffic.

PeakHour 3.1.3 – Visualize and analyze your network traffic.

PeakHour is a beautiful, real-time network-traffic visualizer that lives in your menu bar. It provides an instant view of your Internet or WiFi activity in real-time. PeakHour is great for monitoring your Internet or WiFi connection, and can help you determine how much bandwidth your computers and devices are using at any given time.

Note: PeakHour requires a capable, SNMPv1-enabled device to work properly. Many good routers do support SNMP but not all do, so it is important that you check before purchasing. Use the tool in the Related Links to find out if your router is compatible.


    Monitor network performance of capable devices in real-time: routers, WiFi, NAS, servers and more.


    Help troubleshoot slow downloads, poor voice/video call quality.


    Keep an close eye on your usage; set up alerts to warn if you’re exceeding your quota.


    Compatible with most SNMPand UPnP-enabled network devices*.

Whats new in PeakHour 3?


PeakHour 3 now includes a powerful history engine that stores usage and performance data for as long as you wish.

The History view lets you look back at usage and performance over any time period: hours, days, weeks, months or years.

Enhanced Real-time

PeakHour’s real-time view has been enhanced to support zooming and scroll-back. You can now scroll sideways back in time (up to several hours) to see past activity.

You can also zoom the view in or out to see more or less detail.


Version 3.1.3:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later.

This is a minor the release Containing Mainly bug fixes:
  • Fixed: Improved support for some UPnP routers (eg Verizon Actiontec). If your router was not detected previously, you may want to try this release.
  • Fixed: If you use Bartender to arrange PeakHour’s position in the menu bar, it should now stay fixed in place.

PeakHour 3.1.3


PeakHour 3.1.3 Mac OS X | 8.4 MB


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