Path Finder 7.3.3 – Powerful, award-winning Finder alternative.

Path Finder – one of the best file managers, with attention to detail interface: the presence of tabs, preview a document or audio / video files, process management, work with files, install / uninstall applications, two-pane and much, much more. Path Finder can serve as a complete replacement for the standard Finder with far greater functionality.

Path Finder 7.3.2

Organization is key, and Path Finder offers the tools you need to access, browse, and manage all of your files quickly on OS X. Packed with a plethora of powerful features, Path Finder allows you to take complete control of your documents, photos, videos, music, and so much more. Say goodbye to the days of weak file management. With Path Finder 7, it’s your files, your way.

Tabs, perhaps – the best graphic applications and our file manager is no exception.

Tabbed Path Finder is very easy to use. Not only can you always see what folder you have open and how easy switch between them, you can easily drag and drop files between tabs. Another great feature – a set of tabs, which, in fact, are individually configurable workspaces. It is very convenient, for example, if you are working on a project and you need quick access to all relevant folders, applications, downloads. The set of tabs saved folders that were open the last time.

Drop Stack is a temporary storage that can hold files during transfer. This simplifies the process of moving files to a new directory, for example, when you brush your downloads folder.

Playback mode “two-pane Explorer” in the Path Finder window is divided in half so that you can see two folders at the same time. It is very useful when comparing the contents of the folders or moving files between folders. Each panel – a separate file browser. You can go in this viewing mode by clicking on the icon at the bottom left. Path Finder dual pane view Switches section view and allow you to display additional information in a browser. After selecting the icon switch view, at the bottom of the screen is divided in half and there is a custom mapping information about the selected file. Section doing the same thing, only the data about the files appear to the left, right or bottom of your browser. Path Finder modules have Path Finder is possible to filter files by keyword or type of expansion (the search box at the top right). If you want to select files set some parameters, click on the search icon in the toolbar at the top right, enter the search term and click on “+” to add parameters for the search. Utilities have Path Finder has additional tools to perform certain tasks, so you do not have to run additional programs. Among the tools Path Finder: text editor, a simple image editor, model application launcher, file archiver.


  • Dropbox integration
  • FolderSync
  • Arranging and grouping items
  • Editable path navigator
  • Shelves
  • One-click dual-pane copy
  • File-transfer queue
  • ACL editor
  • File tagging
  • Batch renaming
  • Hex editor
  • Drop stack
  • Dual-pane browser
  • Tabs and bookmarks
  • Low-level search
  • File-list filtering
  • Smart sorting
  • Advanced selection
  • Keyboard access
  • Quick Look and Cover Flow
  • Integrated terminal
  • Command-line tools
  • Source control
  • Application launcher
  • Archives
  • Text and image editors

What’s NEW:

News, changes and improvements:

  • Sidebar and shelf modules changed to show “iCloud Drive” and “All My Files” items.
  • Fixed “All My Files” item selection.
  • Fixed Spotlight search for items of “Any Kind”.
  • Improved Spotlight search result refreshing.
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Path Finder 7.3.3

Path Finder 7.3.3 Mac OS X | 22.1 MB


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