Kaleidoscope 2.1.1

Kaleidoscope -. Application designed to compare the text or image files, and a quick search of differences in their
Scope of the program is very clear. If you – programmer, using Kaleidoscope will always see the differences in the two versions of the code files. This will be highlighted in green added lines, red – remote, and blue – changed. Especially useful it will be when several people and you need to know that their colleagues working on the project.

Kaleidoscope 2.1.1

But photographers and designers will be delighted by Kaleidoscope features in comparison graphic files. The input can be fed images of various formats that can be viewed in many different ways.
You can put them side by side on the screen, and try on their own to see the difference (sometimes difficult), see each image separately, combine the image in the middle or just to evaluate changes found application .
note also that the number of files being compared can be increased from two to – theoretically – infinity. The application includes the Automatic Updates feature of working documents that will live observe the changes made ​​in them. Supported formats RTF, TXT, HTML, DOC, JPEG , PNG, TIFF, PSD , and many others. Learn more about the possibilities of text


  • Supporting Plain text, source code, HTML, etc.
  • Import text from documents .DOC and .RTF
  • Three layout: blocks, mobile and combined
  • Jump on changes to changes
  • Adding, deleting and editing text
  • Clean comparison
  • Instant search


  • Supports popular formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and more
  • Layouts: double, single, bathroom and a difference
  • Palette: RGB / CMYK / LAB, alpha, of any size
  • Multi-touch: smooth scrolling, pinch to zoom
  • Change the background color, masks and more
  • Custom masks: absolute or relative changes
  • Integration
  • Git, Mercurial, SVN & Bazaar
  • Versions
  • TextMate SVN
  • Cornerstone
  • ksdiff command line


Kaleidoscope 2.1.1


  • The ability to ignore spaces, tab characters anywhere in the string in the comparison.
  • Indicator number of unresolved conflicts in the merge mode.

Comparison of text files

  • Added pop-up menu on both sides Choose Left button ( “Select Left”) and Choose Right ( «Choose the right”) to the item Choose Both ( «Choose two”) were easier to find.
  • Added tooltip for Improved Copy to buttons ( “Copy to …”) in the Unified mode.
  • Fixed various bugs related to the readability of the text by using dark themes.
  • Fixed a bug where the selection of several different blocks of text in a single window could influence the behavior of Copy left and Copy right buttons in the other windows.
  • Fixed a bug where the hold Option key to change the behavior of buttons Copy left Copy right and could have an impact on any open window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kaleidoscope update the modified file, if it has been opened in several windows of the program.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kaleidoscope update the modified file in an external program (especially the version of the Mac App Store)

comparing folders

  • Fixed a bug where the copies made in the mode of folder comparison, can not be displayed in the program.
  • Fixed a bug where in a comparison mode, directories Kaleidoscope not take into account external changes for empty files and empty folders.


  • Fixed a bug that caused an unsuccessful integration with git on the OS the X 10.9 the Mavericks
  • Fixed a bug where ksdiff could not connect to the Kaleidoscope, after a reboot option enabled windows recovery.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the door from when selecting Kaleidoscope Review Conflicts option for the modified document.

General improvements

  • Actions for Automator is now laid out by category.
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts for koprovaniya / paste into a bug report window.
  • Now Kaleidoscope does not retain files unchanged.
  • Ban editing files that can not be changed (for example, docx files)
  • Improved memorization of the size and position of program windows.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents I turn off window by double-clicking on their title.
  • Fixed a bug where the file path of the panel could not be updated when you switch tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the icon in the Dock could not deploy minimized windows.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the addition of a group of files in Kaleidoscope, if some of these files have already been opened.
  • Fixed a bug where the file comparison window may grow tall in full screen mode on OS X 10.9, so you can not change its position in the future.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the opening of the dialogue by clicking on the file, select an empty tab in full-screen mode on 10.9.
  • Fixed a bug where deployed in full screen windows were not always deployed on the entire screen.
  • Fixed minor visual errors in the Ignored Files dialog ( “Ignored Files”)
  • Fixed shortcomings in the documentation of ksdiff.
  • Improved documentation in the Help menu ( “Help”)
  • Other ulusheniya stability and performance.

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