Glyphs 2.3

Glyphs 2.3

Glyphs – a professional font editor for Mac OS X.

A well-chosen font can greatly affect the perception of the application or publication. Too abrupt transitions in the glyphs are not like the eye when reading, but it is easy to fit to the daring design decisions. Flowing lines are subject to a similar concept. Perception of information via text is a very important point and must be as accurate as possible to consider it. Kalligrafistu novice or advanced artists working in OS X environment, should adopt a friendly editor Glyphs font, allowing you to quickly and meticulously to realize their own twists printing elements. True, not for nothing. The older we get, the harder it is perceived by the new interfaces. This mishap will not happen with our platform for fonts invention, because at first glance it immerses the user in his arms. Launched Glyphs – nothing more, do not get to do besides drawing the contour lines. Simple interface helps you to create new fonts, modify existing and sculpt letters easily. Key Features:

  • Edit text in the context menu
  • Only the necessary elements of the interface
  • Good integration into the operating system and connection to the development workflow
  • Interface module to extend functionality
  • scripting support


Glyphs 2.3.

Version: Glyphs 2.3
Developer: by Georg Seifert is
System requirements: the OS the X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor
Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and others.
Tablet: Present
Size: 19.18 MB Download now

Glyphs 2.3 | 19.18 MB


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