1. Register failed

Do not use auto-update, do not check for auto-updates and turn off all update checking in the preferences.

Block app from calling out to internet with Little Snitch or other firewall alternatives to avoid license being revoked/banned.

Little Snitch: http://www.macos-app.com/tag/little-snitch/

Hands Off: http://www.macos-app.com/tag/hands-off/

2. Damaged app or couldn’t open app

If downloaded file is .zip: Make sure that you extract file using BetterZip (http://www.macos-app.com/?s=betterzip

Otherwise, that mean it’s a bad cracked version. You can try below command or waiting a new version. In Terminal, run “xattr -rc /Volumes/Application.app“, that should fix it .

Naturally, replace “/Volumes/Application.app” with your actual application path.

Or Try the “Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere” setting in the “Security & Privacy” System Preferences pane

3. Password to open file : mojado / coz45 / macpeers

4. Shorten link didn’t work or didn’t redirect to download link:

You have to disable Adblock plugin for that site then reload page (http://www.linkbucks.com not accept Adblock). Sorry for this inconvenience.

5. Download link doesn’t work

Maybe the link is too old (died). Please try download new version or comment on the post. I will check later.

6. Joining files .001, 002: use tool http://loekjehe.home.xs4all.nl/Split&Concat/

7. Other issues:

Please adding your comment to report other issue. I will try fixing them.