Boom 2 v1.4 Mac OS X – The Best System-Wide Audio Booster and Equalizer For Mac

Boom 2 v1.4 Mac OSX – The Best System-Wide Audio Booster and Equalizer For Mac

Boom 2 v1.4 Mac OS X

Boom 2 is a system-wide volume booster and equalizer app that is designed especially for OS X Yosemite.

Boom 2 changes the way you consume audio, video, music & movie streams and any other media bycompletely enhancing the sound that comes out!

It comes with a smart interface, self-calibrates itself according to your Mac, offers hands-on advanced equalizer controls for finer audio control and amazing audio effects for enhanced audio output. You get a personalized acoustic experience on your Mac so that your Boom 2 sounds like you. Unique.

  • System-Wide Audio Boosting
  • Preset and Advanced Equalizers
  • Enhanced sound with Audio Effects
  • Intelligent and optimal file audio boosting

Precise Equalizers

Boom 2 offers you the choice to customize your audio in a variety of ways. Choose from Preset Equalizers or set up your own with the help of 10-band and advanced equalizers.

Boom 2 is more fun when you control it from the comfort of your seat, wirelessly! ‘Boom 2 Remote’ is a free app for your iPhone or iPad that controls Boom 2’s features in addition to that of VLC, Spotify, QuickTime and iTunes on your Mac!

Boom 2 comes preloaded with equalizers like Bass Boost, Acoustic, Pop, Treble and more. You can also create your own to get your Mac sounding like a fully pumped-up audio unit.

Boom 2 v1.3

Boom 2 v1.4 Mac OS X | 8.07 MB

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